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Annual Parochial Church Meetings

Annual Parochial Church Meetings

Sunday 23rd April 2023

10am Worship in St James the Less, Pangbourne will be followed by:

1.  The meeting to Elect Churchwardens by Parishioners (6 vacancies)

2.  The meeting of Electoral Roll members to receive the Annual Report and elect Parochial Church  Council Members (9 vacancies) and Deanery Synod members (3 vacancies)

Read the 2022 Annual Report and Financial Statement

Front Cover 2023.png
Picture of Accounts 2023.png

If you are thinking about joining the Parochial Church Council (PCC), are interested in becoming a churchwarden or a Deanery Synod representative, and would like to know a bit more about what is involved, please talk to Jill Palfrey or Julia Sheppard, our churchwardens.

Download the APCM forms and documents here:

Nomination of PCC members

Nomination for Churchwarden 

Nomination for Deanery Synod members

APCM Agenda

2022 Annual Report

2022 Financial Statement

2022 Independent Examiner's Report

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