Parish Giving

our church

Our giving sustains our three church buildings - St James, St Laurence, St Nicholas - sacred places dedicated to worship, prayer and witness.

Our giving sustains our clergy, here and across the diocese, and also helps train new clergy.

Our giving sustains the ministry in our parish, measured by every:

  • sick person visited

  • parent, carer and child nurtured and supported at Noah’s Ark

  • bereaved family comforted

  • family welcomed and nurtured at Mossy Church

  • baptism and wedding celebrated

  • elderly person given companionship at the Tuesday Tea Club

  • person worshiping in different ways across the parish

  • person shown the love of Christ through our care, comfort and compassion

Our charitable giving sustains mission here in our parish, in the wider community in Reading, the rest of the UK and also overseas for people we may never meet but to whom we can give practical support through our giving.


our challenge

Continuing our mission and ministry is only possible because of the dedicated commitment of time, skills, energy and financial support given week by week but, like every household our church needs to keep up with the cost of living.  

Our three churches need £8,435 per month (or £1,950 each week) to sustain the buildings and clergy, and our ministry and mission.


This is how much we need to spend each month:

£5,735   on our share of clergy costs - stipend, housing, training etc

£1,100   on our buildings - insurance, heat, light etc

£1,100   on worship and ministry - for our congregation and wider community

£500       on ministry and mission


Therefore, to meet these commitments each month we need:

£5,600     from regular congregational giving

£1,400     from HMRC for Gift Aided giving and donations

£750        from fees - weddings, funerals etc

£775        from fundraising and other income streams

our choice

Our parish has 143 members on the Electoral Roll, our planned giving programme has 57 members.

Is it time to join the Parish Giving Scheme?

There are a number of people giving proportionately as the bible teaches.

                                                                                          Is it time to give a percentage of what you receive?

Giving to God's work through the church should be a priority.

                                                                                                      Is it time to join the Parish Giving Scheme?    








Please send me details about how I can donate through the Parish Giving Scheme

There are other ways to help, you could:  

Leave a legacy   

You can leave the church a gift in your will.  If this is something you are considering we can offer you advice.


Make a one-off donation   

Cheques can be made payable to The PCC of Pangbourne Tidmarsh & Sulham and sent to:

The Treasurer, Stephen Billyeald
c/o The Rectory
St James Close
Pangbourne RG8 7AP

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is run centrally on behalf of all parishes, at no direct cost to the parish. Donors give by direct debit, collected on the first of each month, PGS passes all donations to the parish within 10 days; PGS claims gift-aid from HMRC and passes this to the parish within 2 weeks of the donation. In the past the parish only claimed gift-aid once a year, usually several months after the year end. The improvement in cashflow enables the parish to make much better use of funds and also substantially reduces the administrative burden. There is no cost to the donor


This parish is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of the children and people of all ages in our church community.  The parish Safeguarding Policy can be seen here.  Further information and contact details are on our Safeguarding page.

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