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Baptism is sometimes called a christening. It is a visible sign of God’s love for us. It marks a new start: a decision to follow Jesus Christ within the family of the Church.

Whether you are thinking about being baptized yourself or bringing a child to be baptized, we’d love to talk to you. As it is about being part of a church community we encourage you to come along to some of the services.

Infant baptism is the start of your child’s exciting journey in the Christian faith and we are here to help you as you prepare for this important step and for the commitments you will be asked to make on behalf of your child.

For some parents, a thanksgiving service may be more suitable; for example if you feel that you are not able to make the baptism promises, but still want to thank God for the gift of your child.


Baptisms and thanksgivings take place within the Sunday services.

If you would like to find out more about infant or adult baptism, or about confirmation, please contact

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